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Northstar Building Solutions, we pride ourselves on giving our customers the best possible service at an affordable and realistic price. All work is completed to the highest standard and guaranteed. We are highly experienced in a wide range of plumbing services, many of which are listed below. We offer every day of the year, enabling us to provide a fast, efficient plumbing service whenever you need it.

Washing Machine and Dishwashers

We will unpack, remove stabilisers, adapt existing pipework and install your new washing machine. We can run new pipework if necessary. We can dispose of your old machine and all packaging to local authority directives.

Taps – fit or repair

We will advise on taps suitable for your system, whether kitchen sink, wash hand basin or bath. There is a wide range of styles and finishes out there – waterfall, mixer, retro – and you deserve the best. We can even purchase them for you or just come along at your convenience and fit your new taps. We can dispose of your old fittings. And if your tap is leaking, we can fit a new washer so you don’t have to change the whole tap, to be as cost-effective as possible!

Blockages cleared

Blockages can be caused by debris, food waste or even hair! The dreaded back up when you are unable to use your toilet, when you flush the waste that won’t go down, flooding the bathroom – If this happens in your home, we consider it our duty to come and clear that blockage ASAP.


You can have a loo installed nearly anywhere in your home, even in a basement, thanks to macerators. A macerator is a pump that takes the waste away from the toilet when you flush rather than relying on a standard waste pipe. As a rule, macerators slide behind a toilet that has already been fitted and we plumb in the outlet from the macerator to the soil pipe or stack. There are lots of models out there so please do give us a call if you would like to discuss your requirements.


Want a brand new kitchen appliance installed but can’t fit it to the existing pipes? Simple…change the pipework to suit you! NB Plumbing & Heating work with quality copper and also plastic depending on your budget. We can solder joints or use simple push fit joints – the choice is yours. We can draw a design to show you where the new pipes will run and how it will look.

Immersion Heaters

Just like the element in your kettle, immersion heaters are prone to limescale in hard water areas and this can affect the water heating. Most elements come in pairs and we can change both or one, depending on your needs. We endeavour to make this process as quick and effective as possible, draining down the tank with the minimum of fuss, cleaning out the sludge and refitting new heating elements. This gives you faster, more economical water heating.

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